The sunshine in July can bring both joy and woe for the home gardener. With lots of heat and sometimes sparse rain, your carefully cared for lawn and garden can suffer without proper care. Here are four reminders or tips on how you can beat the heat in July and make sure your garden continues to thrive.
  • Keep your grass long, and don’t bag your clippings. Longer grass can withstand the heat better, and the nitrogen rich grass clippings will help fertilize the lawn.
  • Don’t let weeds get out of control. Most of these pesky plants thrive in hot temperatures and rob your gardens and lawns of water and nutrients.
  • Remove faded flowers to promote reblooming on flowers. Remove any yard debris because it could harbor pests and insects.
  • Reapply mulch in your flower beds to help conserve moisture.

Keep cool this July and enjoy the long days!

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